10 Valentine’s Day Tweets for Startup Lovers

by: Adam Lupu

Every year we come to Valentine’s Day, and our thoughts turn to the special people in our lives. But for those of us who are busy building a business, there may be the tendency to spend more time romanticizing our startup’s future than our love lives. So to bridge the gap, I’m offering the following ten tweets, all of which evoke the simple hashtag: #StartupValentine. Because we all know that whether we’re single, dating, married, or “it’s complicated,” we are all lucky (crazy?) enough to have another true love. And what better day to celebrate that love than Valentine’s Day?

So here’s my gift to you: ten startup tweets, one for every type of Valentine.

1) For the observant…

Valentine’s Day and Startups have many things in common… angels, heart, and being steeped in red, just to name a few. #StartupValentine

2) For the realist…

This year, my Valentine is my startup. We’re going to spend the whole day together. #StartupValentine

3) For the optimist…

My startup fills me with purpose, passion, and desire. We don’t have much money. But we’ve got big dreams together. #StartupValentine

4) For those who are pining…

Because VC doesn’t just stand for Valentine’s Candy, won’t you please invest in my love? #StartupValentine

5) For the hopeless romantics…

Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m a starter, and you should be too! #StartupValentine

6 and 7) For the flirtatious…

Because ladies love a “bootstrapping” young lad. #StartupValentine

Because men admire a woman who has the power to hire. #StartupValentine

8) For the wise ones…

Starting a business is like starting a relationship. If you want to make it last, it takes commitment, love, and honesty. #StartupValentine

9) For the bitter ones…

Shall I compare thee to a cushy job? Thou art more lonely and more temperamental. #StartupValentine

10) And of course, we can’t forget the classics…

Money can’t buy me love, so I gave it all to my startup. #StartupValentine


11) For those who like to be surprised…

You make me want to go all night long, wake up in the morning, and do it all over again. #StartupValentine

So there you have it. Tweet to your heart’s content. Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Adam’s column, Mission Control, is about launching a startup and tracking its rise. From overcoming setbacks to ultimately (fingers crossed) fulfilling his mission, Adam Lupu offers his inner thoughts and outer workings while building a company. Read more of Adam’s “Mission Control” column here.*

About the author Adam Lupu @HowWeLearn
Adam Lupu is a Learning Architect designing and building new structures in education and technology. He is currently founding The Delta Program, a technology training and immersive learning environment specializing in Android Development. Lupu also works with international non-profit Global Playground to unite children across the world in learning and play. A former math and physics teacher, Adam has a Masters in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University and can be found tweeting @HowWeLearn, proudly shouting "Maybe next year!" outside Wrigley Field, or enjoying a Freebirds burrito in Austin, TX.

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