Would you want to fly in an air-yacht?....Or travel to Pennsylvania in an hour?....Or eat a frozen desert made from bananas, honey and lemon like what Bee Nana offers? Find out what the tech world is planning on the latest... The recent #SethRich controversy has brought how we consume news into the forefront. Cable is on the decline while streaming climbs. According to a recent study completed by the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, sleeping apps are bologna. That doesn't mean that they could help you on the path to a better night's rest. A lot of bad press surrounds Silicon Valley when it comes to employee treatment. Can this be an opportunity for Chicago to climb the tech hub pecking order? Can weed save Illinois finances? Chicago startup Reading With Pictures is advocating for comics in school. And finally, find out how Rumi Spice is boosting the economy in Afghanistan. Robocall schemes netted over $54 million in recent time according to the FCC. How can these slime balls be combated? And speaking of security, protect your newborn with FinnBin. Tech is a crucial growth industry for Chicago. But is tech crucial enough to put one of its biggest benefactors into politics? Because the man who helped build 1871 Chicago now wants to be governor of Illinois. Who is... Boycotts against Google ads could hurt your favorite YouTuber. Also, Facebook will allow users to personally fundraise in a time of crisis, the move may bring much needed help. But the idea is making others squirm. Google is in hot water after companies, who use Google ad services, are finding ads on extremist pages, like ones supporting ISIS. How does this happen? Also, for office people who don't care about sports but need it to... It's time to snap back to reality! Snapchat is not having the best of times after going public. Also, learn how the biggest startups in Chicago are competing in the "second" biggest March bracket tournament.