How it works

Technori co-op is the result of nearly a decade spent building corporate innovation strategies, helping shape hundreds of startup pitches, and interviews with more than 500 founders, investors, and CEOs. We help startups gain traction by engaging with thousands of would-be investors, partners, and customers through our highly curated events, partnerships and media channels.

Our initial objective is helping you launch successfully, but the mission is to grow the value of your company year-over-year.

The process is simple and transparent. We elect a dedicated Board of Advisors based on their ability and willingness to commit support (such as, services and expertise), strategic connections, time and capital. Then, we select a small batch of early stage companies that we believe our program, resources and dedicated board can help to scale.

What separates our startup co-op from more traditional accelerator programs or fund structures is that we enable all investors, elected advisors and startup companies to own a stake in the overall performance of the co-op.

It’s also important to recognize that a startup co-op is not an accelerator or incubation program with a finite end date. Unlike most traditional 12-week programs, where startups work towards a demo day, our co-op is designed to help founders throughout the life of their business.


What we do

Technori takes a no BS approach to helping early stage companies scale.

We provide early stage companies with the resources, expertise and access to capital necessary to get started. And, given that most startups fail within the first two years – how you launch is EVERYTHING.

All investors supply some combination of money and help. In our case the help is by far the larger component. In fact, we help many companies raise funds without including them in our co-op. We think providing founders with leadership support, traction and strategic connections is far more valuable than a check.

The most important thing that we do is work with startups to refine their model. So, we can get your vision to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to present to later stage investors, or occasionally even acquirers.


We invest time, resources and little bit of capital in return for small stakes in the companies we support.

The co-op program was specifically designed to help startups scale quickly! Once selected to the co-op, founders will immediately begin a crash course in Entrepreneurship, beginning with the first of three phases;

LEARN: Most startups fail before they even go live because early stage founders simply don’t know what they don’t know! Our startup members get to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world by gaining valuable feedback at private dinners and through office hours with a Board of Advisors. Here, you’ll learn how to raise startup funds, build for scale, properly define the problem you’ve set out to solve, and set measurable objectives.

BUILD: Not all startups are created equal, how much funding you’ll need depends on the type of company you plan to start. Most early stage companies capsize within the first year because they dump all of their startup funds into an MVP that’s based on who they are, rather than who they’re going to be. Here, you’ll build an infrastructure and product offering that’s built to scale by participating in expert-led workshops focused on articulating  a) What’s possible? b) What’s desirable? c) What’s viable?

LAUNCH: Most launches are unsuccessful because founders fail to realize this is the last time they’ll be able to control expectations. Meanwhile, everyone – from investors to customers – will look to you for something different; this is why we believe a one-size-fits-all pitch is the wrong approach. Here, you’ll launch with help from advisors on crafting the perfect pitch in four graduating stages; a) early awareness b) feedback c) traction d) strategic partnership and investment.