This Startup has a cure for your hangover

If you’re having problems with getting to work after a night of drinking, stop and consider your relationship with alcohol.


Or maybe give Morning Recovery from 82 Labs a shot. The startup world is looking for a solution to everything. And solving the morning hangover is one of them. And as we know, the older you get, the longer your recovery time will be.

Morning Recovery is a bottled-drink made from Hovenia Dulcis, a Japanese raisin tree. Dihydromyricetin is an extract from the tree that helps detoxify the body. Consumers are instructed to drink the beverage before bed and promises that you’ll be rearing to go once that alarm clock rings.

Sisun Lee is the CEO and founder of Morning Recovery. Lee previously served as a product manager for Tesla, Uber and Facebook. During a trip in Korea, Lee noticed that the locals were taking supplements to combat the after-effects of alcohol. So Lee returned to the States and began testing the drink with doctors and made it FDA-compliant.

Morning Recovery has raised over $200,000 on Indiegogo.

So next time you attend that after-work social, let loose and say damn tomorrow because you’ve got a new medicine that’ll get you to that 9:30 a.m. meeting.

How to objectively measure real estate value

Real estate value is hard to quantify, often subjective when you think about whether an apartment has granite countertops or not. Enodo aggregates property data with demographic and economic data to come up with a result that helps the consumer find the right property. Marc Rutzen, CTO and Co-Founder of Enodo joins Scott to talk about real estate analysis and Enodo which is still in beta.

Raise nets $60 million in funding round

Raise has continued to be a leader in Chicago tech. is a place for you to sell your unused gift cards. Founder George Bousis and his company has raised over $140 million since he founded the company in 2013.

But the company has another reason to celebrate this recent rake. One of the investors involved in the series C round of funding was PayPal. Raise has been a major bright spot for Chicago tech growth. The company recently had to address issues concerning criminals selling fake or stolen cards on the platform. But the company has made it more difficult for fraudsters to use the site.

Watch Bousis talk with Technori CEO Scott Kitun on WGN’s Startup Showcase. And also stay tuned for the Raise CEO to join Scott in studio again in the near future.

Reconstruct Your Face in 3D

Today in system hacks brings us 3D transformation for all your photos. Do you feel like the next bunch of pics you want to share with family and loved ones don’t offer enough zip or pizazz?

Then try this 3D Face Reconstruction tool from researchers at The University of Nottingham’s Computer Vision Laboratory.

Be closer to actor Elijah Wood than ever before!

3D face reconstruction is a fundamental Computer Vision problem of extraordinary difficulty. -Computer Vision Laboratory

This may appear at first glance to be a silly gimmick. But what the AI has pulled off is actually quite impressive. According to the research team, AI usually assumes the availability of multiple images as input. This system only needs one image. Another major hurdle is communicating between the endless range of facial poses and expressions. But the Computer Vision Laboratory found a way.

3D facial recognition could mean many advancements in Augmented Reality and social media are on the horizon. Will you be on board?

You can learn more about the project here.

Which Gubernatorial Candidate is Most Trendy?

Bruce Rauner probably isn't sweating 2018 too much.

So, I decided to check in on Google Trends to figure out which of the announced Gubernatorial candidates are showing the most interest currently. I just want to brace myself for the 2018 Midterm Elections.

The race is more than a year away, but there’s enough major Illinois figures that want to unseat Gov. Rauner that it might be time to see who’s catching steam. And yes, I did leave out some of the lower tier candidates like Tio “Mr. Ceasefire” Hardiman. I’ve met Tio and like him, but sorry, this is Illinois politics.

So take a look, does any of this surprise you?

By the looks of it, Chris G. Kennedy of, yes *THAT*, Kennedy family shows an ability to spike. And of course current Governor Rauner will be the most trendy since he’s currently the man with the power. But J.B. Pritzker is the most solidly relevant of the competitors.

Get Paid For Your Selfies

Pay your Selfie CEO Michelle Smyth joins Scott Kitun about how she’s found a way for people to monetize their selfies. Internet surveys need photos. People love taking selfies. Smyth found a way to bridge that gap and get you paid.

Finally an online music marketplace for everyone

Creating a studio, learning how to play music or start a band? You’ll be in the market for music equipment and it is not cheap. Trustworthy used music gear shops are hard to come by, but that changes with Reverb. An online music marketplace, Reverb provides high quality new and used gear for audiophiles, musicians and podcasters alike. Dan Melnick sits down with Scott to talk about how he set up Reverb and where it’s headed.

Is Apple’s New iPhone 8 Just More of the Same?

An augmented reality camera! Wireless charging! Animated emojis! Is this what you wanted in your new generation of iPhones? No? Yeah? People are split down the middle about it.

Here’s what we’re getting:

-The iPhone 8 starting price is $699. Not too bad. The iPhone 8 Plus is $799. Not too shabby.

-A 12-megapixel rear camera optimized for augmented reality. Instead of two cameras built in side-by-side, they’re now positioned on top of each other. This makes the phone more suitable for AR programs. For those who will actually use AR, this is the phone for you. For those who won’t actually use AR, then take comfort in knowing there probably won’t be a ton of AR apps that are worth a damn. Apple is behind on AR anyway.

-64gb and 256gb storage options available. No need to delete apps you never use – now you can hoard them alongside those clothes you never wear but swear you will someday.

-Wireless charging is now supported. Android has been doing this for a long time, but please continue to celebrate this upgrade as if Apple had invented it itself.

-New design. The phone looks sexy, admit it. Smooth edges, an edge-to-edge screen, a glass back, stainless steel edges, a brighter screen, smoother software animations. If Apple does one thing right, it’s making sleek hardware.

-New 3D sensor. As of right now, it seems the 3D sensor is mostly used for facial recognition and photography. Fingerprints that are genetically sculpted to be unique to every human being aren’t secure enough, clearly.

More information on the Apple event itself, including the iPhone X, Apple TV 4K, and Apple Watch Series 3 will be coming your way soon here at Technori. Happy tech-ing.

The Legal Battle Over the Monkey Selfie Has Ended

Poor Naruto. The macaque monkey was enjoying his day when he noticed a camera. He did what any monkey would do and he posed in front and snapped the selfie that lit the internet on fire.

It also sparked a drawn-out debate on animal rights.

The photo was taken back in 2008 and went viral in 2011. And over the past several years legal battles have ensued over who is the true owner of the photograph. Is it the owner of the camera, David Slater? Or is it the monkey, whom PETA named Naruto?

Stories differ about how the photo was taken.

Slater says he set up the camera on a tripod before the monkeys messed with it. Slater also fought against news publications who used the photo, demanding websites take it down. But outlets pushed back against Slater arguing that since the monkey took the photo, and since a monkey isn’t human, it may not hold a copyright.

PETA disagreed. PETA sued Slater arguing that Naruto should be the holder of the copyright. Last year, the US Copyright Office had updated its policy to state that only humans could apply for copyrights. But PETA continued to argue.

But instead of dragging on this battle in court, throwing poor Naruto’s life further into disarray. The two parties settled. Slater agreed to donate 25 percent of royalties to protecting Naruto’s habitat in Indonesia. The donations will be made on Naruto’s behalf.


Slater and PETA came together in the end, joined hands and released this joint statement.

Naruto could not be reached for statement at press time. But we assume he is satisfied with the results of Naruto v. David Slater.

That’s electric! Auto industry inches closer to chargeable vehicles

Car manufacturers are pouring billions into the future of driving. Will you buckle in with them?

The evolution of the auto industry has been turning towards electronic in recent years. And major announcements from two auto developers sparked increasing interest in the trend.

Mercedes-Benz announced that its entire auto fleet will be electronic or hybrid by 2020. Also, German automakers Volkswagen announced that it will be providing electric or hybrid versions of all 300 Volkswagen models by 2030. Wunderbar!

These two mammoth announcements follow Volvo’s recent declaration that all new models will be electric or hybrid by 2019. Seems like Volvo wants to join Tesla at the front of the pack.

The transition may seem slow because there is currently not much incentive to switch over to electric since batteries are expensive and gas prices remain low. Also, recharge times are kind of lame. Bloomberg reported that electric vehicle purchases could outnumber standard gas vehicles by 2040.


Another major motivator is China’s eventual ban of all fossil-fuel burning vehicles. This is pact shared by France and the UK. With world powers turning away from standard fuel sources, electric cars need to be up to snuff soon.