A new TV age is here: how can you take advantage?

My RCN cable and internet bill went up starting in 2018. I was amply pissed. The reason, according to RCN, was the rising TV rates. I don’t even use cable! I love how the TV industry in all of it’s legacy power can still shake me down like I’m their dirty little mutt. woof woof. Meanwhile, I’m actually enjoying my streaming options on Apple TV, Roku and PS4. Go watch The Expanse, nerds, it’s better than the new Star Wars rehash/remix movies.

Year in and year out, TV is losing subscribers by the millions. According to TiVo’s research, 86.7 percent of cord cutters listed “price” as the main driver behind the exodus. So is cable having an Ozymandias moment? 

What is certain, is that the impact is trickling down to businesses who are turning off the tube, according to UPshow CEO Adam Hirsen.

“We broadcast modern media,” Hirsen said. UPshow brands itself as the leading social TV platform for businesses, showing off local Instagram posts, snaps and tweets. “The social content everyone loves to share.”

UPshow gives businesses the key to let their patrons broadcast themselves on the TVs. People love to see themselves and businesses love the advertising.

Here’s what businesses can expect to see presented after integrating UPshow.

Social offers a heightened degree of power for users and businesses to interact and consume. This is also a new opportunity for brand awareness. When users see other patrons on the screen, they want to have that experience, be it a personal trainer, a certain margarita or a new type of physical therapy, according to Hirsen. 

Last year, UPshow focused on hospitality, bringing in chains like Hooters and TGIF into the mix. But now the company is spreading into wellbeing and fitness, letting gym-rats show off their hard work and hardened abs. If there’s a TV, there’s an opportunity for UPshow.

What’s the lesson here? Follow the natural trends. Cable was taking a big hit and social media let users be their own stars. And what did UPshow brilliantly do? They married the two together.

If you want more details, listen to the podcast above!

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WolfPack founder Jonathan Chashper.

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