Enterprise drone usage starts to soar

Uplift President Suzanne EL-Moursi is taking companies to the skies. Using drones, Uplift collects data for enterprise businesses who need hard-to-get data. Construction companies can get a look at worksites, for example. Getting this data helps companies scale. What are some of the barriers to building a drone company? How much can drones change the game?

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Foreign hiring finds a way during Trump era

Envoy Global CEO Dick Burke is offering an easier, safe path to hiring international workers. The Trump administration is leaving many foreign-born developers afraid of scrutiny. With a law background, Burke is teaching companies how to recruit international talent within the current frameworks. If the US wants to compete economically, why push out the best talent?

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There’s a massive need for tech to fix manufacturing

After winning the MIRA award for best new tech product, DATTUS continues to upgrade the US factory system. Co-founder and CEO Anurag Garg grew DATTUS in the highly exclusive genera8tor program. His goal is to make factories smart. This sounds like a massive undertaking, doesn’t it? The biggest problem is machine data is left unused, even by massive corporations.

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What happens when financial planners go into business with architects?

Co-founders Adam Hengels and Brian Ahmes built a company that thinks like a developer and designs like an architect. Say hello to Parafin. The Parafin tools help real-estate developers automate design. This saves massive amounts of time and money. The founders matches an expertise in finance and architecture. How do these co-founders share leadership?

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Get Investment Advice Without Breaking the Bank

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We’ve all thought about making an investment at some point, especially during these past few months of Bitcoin madness. It can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing, but thankfully there are programs that exist solely to make these harrowing decisions for you. That is, if you trust them.

YCharts is a cloud-based investment decision-making platform that stands alone among the other investment advice applications out there, creating its own niche within the market.

There are your high-end applications like Bloomberg Terminal that provide you with all the data you’ll ever need, but they’re tied down to desktop terminals. Then there are your low-end applications like Yahoo! Finance that are easy to use and free, but you’ll never speak to a real person. YCharts has cemented itself right in the middle, taking high-end enterprises and connecting them with low-end investors (like me, and probably you) for a fraction of the price.

“We provide the data, the tools, and some great customer support to help people feel really comfortable in their investment decision.” – Sean Brown

Of course, if you don’t spend time with the tools that YCharts provides, and you don’t take the time to make good decisions, it’s still a huge risk using help from others. You may be able to study market trends, but unless you work together with your decision-making service, you’ll lose money. YCharts is a web-based service, so it accepts anyone with an email address and a credit card. That means anyone can make – or lose – a ton of money, even with their help.

If you’re not serious about investing, then don’t pay for the advice. Actually, if you’re not serious about investing, then bugger off. Leave all the cryptocurrency to me.

Startup Showcase full show with True Gault and Messy Mutt

Today on the show Scott Kitun is joined by Will Koffel from Google to talk to Chris Pyter the inventor of the “Messy Mutt Bowl” and Sandra Gault the Founder and CEO of True Gault, revolutionizing the shoe industry.
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Can you use bitcoin without understanding it?

Don Wyper is the director of Digital Mint a network of bitcoin kiosks. The hype machine for digital currency is running at full strength. But the market is volatile. But Wyper has years of investment experience and can demystify the marketplace for you and offer a sobering response to the current popularity swing.

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For companies looking to grow, Theron sees the path forward

After the success of SMS assist, Alex Rothman started fielding questions about how he did it. That’s where Theron Technology Solutions was founded alongside his father, Mike Rothman. The Co-Founders teach other startups how to scale. The Theron story shows how one business can be flipped into an entirely new one. Every company has distinct needs, why isn’t the market meeting them?

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Investment for the time-crunched person

YCharts is helping investors make smarter decisions on a SAS platform. Sean Brown is CEO and started his career by accidentally accepting a software development job out of college. 25 years later, he’s still doing it, using modern tools to organize and display your data. While other investment platforms are lagging behind, YCharts is repping Chicago by updating the game.

For anyone interested in using YCharts, get 10% off by mentioning you heard Sean on the Technori podcast!

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How to get access to capital quickly and safely

***Note: this blog ties in an interview with a guest from our Technori LIVE podcast on WGN Radio in with a bigger business issue. Enjoy your read! This edition is based on an interview with Kabbage Head of Customer and Partner Marketing.

Taking out a loan is often unavoidable. I myself have to get used to staring down a six-figure number of debt. Attending grad school was worth it, right?

I won’t be buried in a dismal hole, owing loans until i exhale my final breath, will I?

Startups make a living, and often fail, to relieve our daily woes. Kabbage, on the other hand, has found a successful niche. Kabbage has extended $4 billion in loans to hundreds of small businesses over recent years. The service is meant to help those smaller, young companies meet short term cash needs. For those times when you are afraid to spend, Kabbage can help carry the load. 

The reason there’s been so much continued business for Kabbage is through flexibility. No hardline agreements here, folks. The process is made simple too. The first step is linking your data channels to check your business performance. It is then up to the user to decide how much money to use and when to spend it. They’ve helped some notable startups like Dude Wipes who recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Side note, everytime I do yoga, I really appreciate the flexibility in my body that comes with it. Don’t you want the same experience when it comes to your loans!?

That’s how Kabbage sees it, and that’s why they’ve held so many long-term relationships with clients who often take up to 25 loans over time. 

The other demon that I’m going to address in this blog is interest. We know interest as the ugly accumulation that comes along when it comes time to pay off your loans. Such a fair burden that is! Kabbage also takes a sensitive approach to interest. Instead of accumulating interest, Kabbage tacks a fee on to the principal. Here’s the sweet part, if you pay back your loans early, that fee is then wiped away. Ta da!

Let Kabbage be an example that loans don’t need to be a scary experience. Another takeaway if you’re a startup looking for pain points, look at the loans industry. Kabbage found a successful niche.