iPhone leaks reveal new tech

Three new iPhones seem likely to be unveiled tomorrow, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the $1,000 iPhone X. Animated emojis? Crazy good cameras? Infrared facial recognition? Apple is piling in the tech in these phones and continuing their run of setting the bar high..and pricey when it comes to your smartphone. Is it even possible that we start to view phones as an essential $1,000 investment in 2017? Apple is well on its way to creating that standard.

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Places Bounty on Hillary Clinton’s Hair

Martin Shkreli is a troll. There’s no denying it. He’s earned his reputation as a heartless clod by hiking up drug prices for HIV patients and bidding off an incredibly rare Wu-Tang album for $1 million. Also, you know, harassing female journalists. He also said Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, which, just stop.

Martin Shkreli was suspended from twitter for harassing Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca.

But his shitposting ways stooped to a whole new level of weird this week. Shkreli, 34, promised $5 grand to anyone that can bring him strains of Hillary Clinton’s hair as she begins her new book tour.

According to the New York Times, Shkreli’s post set off a Secret Service investigation and a proposal was sent to the judge overseeing the case requesting to revoke Shrkreli’s bail. The now deleted post from September 4 read, “The Clinton Foundation is willing to KILL to protect its secrets. So on HRC’s book tour, try to grab a hair from her… Will pay $5,000 per hair obtained.”

Shkreli is no fan of Clinton and he also called his post “satire”. But prosecutors don’t care if the Pharma Bro is joking or not. They are concerned some of Shkreli’s followers will take the bounty seriously.

Shkreli is currently awaiting sentencing after being found guilty for defrauding two hedge fund investors. He is currently free to troll on a $5 million bail. Good thing Shkreli apparently isn’t afraid of the feds. Maybe 20 years behind bars will change his mind?

Learning to play tennis with the best online

What a racket! Co-founders Jeff and Connor Dawson sit down with Scott to talk about getting high-quality tutorials and coaching for tennis online. Rhabit provides a library of tennis videos updated weekly with instructions from top tennis coaches and offers one-on-one tutorials.

Chicago Dreams To Build This $5 Billion Campus

Chicago is familiar with fighting to attract major companies and donors. But we usually lose or pull out. Do you need to be reminded of both the failure to host the Olympics and that whole fiasco with Star Wars creator George Lucas and his glamorized memorial?

But this time could be different! Do you believe?

Amazon announced that they will be building a second headquarters called HQ2. The company promised that the campus will match the original built in Seattle. HQ2 will cost $5 billion dollars and will provide 50,000 jobs.

These jobs have also been described as “high paying.” With Chicago placing more focus on its tech culture, this would be a major competitive boon.

Amazon has been ramping up its mission to increase hiring. They have been blowing past other digital companies in this measure.

Chicago is within the transportation hub of America. That’s our big plus.

Given how Illinois has one of the worst economic profiles in the country, it’s not hard to see why Mayor Emanuel and company would vie for Amazon’s business. However, Amazon may not be interested in a state that has a track record for losing residents. But maybe the commerce company will be feeling charitable.

Current Seattle employees will have the option to either stay in rainy Seattle or come enjoy the unpredictable weathers of Chicago.

Amazon currently hires 380,000 employees worldwide.

Apple Has to Pay Samsung for the iPhone 8’s New Screen

Apple’s new iPhone 8 is reportedly switching from LCD screens to OLED screens. This basically means the screen covers the entire front of the phone instead of a designated area, making it oh so sexy. The problem for Apple is – only Samsung makes OLED screens that fit their needs.

This is like McDonald’s having to pay Burger King for their french fries. It’s pretty frickin’ funny. In order for Apple to make an iPhone 8 it has to pay Samsung ~$125 per phone, which explains the massive price bump (the 8 will most likely be $999).

As far as asynchronous competition goes, it doesn’t get any better than this for Samsung. Just thinking about this makes me laugh. Global behemoth Apple can’t make their own OLED screens so they’re paying arguably their biggest rival to do it for them. Idiots.

On the contrary, the battery used in iPhones is pretty small, and since OLED is more energy efficient, the move isn’t so idiotic after all. Apple could also buy screens from LG – but not until 2019.

The need for so many different parts from so many different places could affect manufacturing numbers and cause shipping concerns. But at a $999 price mark and with seemingly minute differences between the current generation of iPhone 7s, meeting demands might not even be an issue.

Honestly, I hope the iPhone 8 is a huge flop, and everyone switches over to Android for the next decade. I’m just sick of Apple being at the top and monopolizing certain smartphone features. But hey, at least it’ll look sexy with that OLED screen, right? Lol.

Read the whole article here!

Image Courtesy of Geek.com

AI InsureTech can Mitigate your Business Risk

UrbanStat CEO Anil Celik and Director of Sales Matthew Carstens discuss how they expanded their underwriting business from Turkey to the United States. UrbanStat helps insurance companies better identify, price and better select risk. The duo also discuss what it’s like to work with major commercial clients. Listen into the Technori Live podcast hosted by Scott Kitun.

Chi-based startup raises money for Houston

G2 Crowd uses its G2 Gives platform to raise funds to aid in Houston post Harvey. Adam Beeson and Marty Duffy join the show to talk to Scott about the fundraising effort

New Switch Battery Pack Adds Card Slot and (Better) Kickstand

SwitchCharge – a battery case for Nintendo Switch, owes its existence to its supporters and backers on Indiegogo. On May 6, 2017 the project reached 343% of its intended funding, raising $369,432.

The product solves a lot of problems that Switch owners have been experiencing. here’s what you’d get with this battery pack:

-12+ hours of battery life

-Additional game slots

-Improved kickstand

-Play while you charge, charge while you play

Set for release in November, this charger might be a hot commodity for the holiday season. Pre-order price is estimated at $85 (supposedly marked down from $120 retail) so it’s not terribly expensive for what you get out of it. Unless you wait.

The product hasn’t been tested en masse, and could come with some serious issues, but only time will tell I reckon.

Count me in. Seriously, I want to play Skyrim for as long as I can.

You can see the Indiegogo campaign here!

The Boston Red Sox Cheated Using…the Apple Watch!?

Baseball season is a long haul. It’s not uncommon to find new ways to keep occupied during the grueling 162 games. From that perspective, it makes sense that the Boston Red Sox would find new ways to use tech and gain a competitive edge.

MLB investigators concluded that the first place Red Sox stole signs during games against the New York Yankees and other opponents.

The Boston Red Sox were using the Apple Watch to steal hand signals from the opposing team’s catcher. This allowed Boston batters to know what kind of pitch was coming next. The masterminds behind this were the video replay crew who were sending messages to an Apple Watch of another personnel member in Boston’s dugout. This personnel member then shared information with team members.

Who knew the Red Sox were such futurists?

Finding ways to steal signals from opponents is classic baseball. But in 2017, tech is allowing cheaters to pull of schemes in the digital age.

Maybe the New England Patriots found some inspiration going into the NFL season?

Your business is working too slowly, so fix it with Fly

Chicago-local Fly uses a global network of servers to handle traffic, run middleware on requests, and route them to backend applications. If you understood that sentence, then Fly is probably for you.