This startup is making your Uber and Lyft ride more enjoyable

James Bellefeuille is the co-founder of Vugo, which puts tv screens in Uber and Lyft vehicles. The system both allows advertisers to reach new audiences and creates more revenue for drivers. A win-win right? Vugo has also been battling with the City of Chicago to make his service available here.

Emerson Spartz explains why your video sucks

Emerson Spartz is expanding his creative agency, Dose into daytime television. Spartz was dubbed “the King of Viral Media” by Forbes. During his keynote presentation at the Technori Showcase, Spartz lays out how to effectively reach audiences in the modern digital age.

Share VR footage with ShareVR

If you think getting good VR footage is a hassle, then why are you trying to do it the outdated way? ShareVR takes three clicks to install, and begins recording with the sound of your voice. This is the future of VR let’s plays guys come on.

Get some money back on your home

Turbo Appeal is identifying an all-too-common issue with homeowners: not knowing how to appeal property taxes. The process and the paperwork turn a lot of owners away from getting some extra money in your pocket. Co-Founder John Guidos talks about how he built the company and how he kept it alive to be the success it’s become.

The life of a Chicago celebrity reporter

Showbiz Shelly recently held interviews with Nick Cannon and the stars of the newest Transformers movie here in Chi-town. Shelly has been watching the path many celebrities take after launching their own careers: entrepreneurship. Learn about what some celebs are doing to get involved in both philanthropy and modern startup life.

The Feed: Will Facebook save the world?

Chicago had two major, and we mean MAJOR tech leaders visit this past week. What in the world were they doing? Sean Froelich breaks down the most recent developments.

Can millennials beat boomers at finance?

Author and Holberg Financial Founder Joe Holberg is demystifying financial management. On the business side, Holberg finds ways for companies to adopt financial education for their employees. On the consumer side, Holberg provides personalized financial education that allows millennials to get a head start on planning their future. This man has wisdom.

Thank these guys for WiFi on the beach

Digital Lobby founders Lou Phillips and Kevin Niebergall sit down with Sean to discuss how they are porting European ideas for WiFi back in the States. Digital Lobby uses WiFi to connect brands to consumers where they live, work.

Shooting to be the Rosetta stone of the video community

Founders Paul Templar and Mike Jennings as well as Chief Creative Office Jim Marcus dropped by the Technori studio to talk about their video and photo editing platform Looplio. The app allows you to collaborate on a video project with friends and colleagues, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Looplio is available for beta and being released next week.

Michael Serbinis chose Chicago over LA for League’s HQ

League co-founder and CEO Michael Serbinis joined Scott Kitun to chat about how a healthcare and wellness startup that has raised more than $25,000,000 is choosing Chicago for its North American HQ. Also hear why, as a 4-time founder with 12 years in the Valley and more than $1B in exits, he is so excited about the potential Chicago brings to his company!