Startup Showcase: 2017 Tech Year in Review

On the final show of 2017 Scott Kitun is joined by his producers Sean Froelich and Sam Fiske! The group covers all of the tech bases of the year including crypto-currency, the Outcome Health scandal and equity crowdfunding.

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Need answers on your child’s behavior? Go here

Pediasource is offering parents access and information about childhood behavior. Founder Hema Trukenbrod has been a pediatric sensory integration therapist for over 20 years. The Pediasource platform allows users to connect, communicate and create next steps with specialists at your convenience. Trukenbrod fielded endless questions on childhood behavior, so she built it into a company.

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This Dentist became a techie to provide better dental care

Dr. Rajan Sharma emigrated to the United States 30 years ago to become a dentist. He later entered the startup business to create state-of-the-art dental care clinics. Eon Clinics specialize in dental implants. Sharma has adopted new tech that has made for huge advancements. Next time you need a root canal, consider Eon Clinics.

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Can this app heal your chronic pain?

50 million American adults suffer from severe, chronic pain according to the NIH. Meanwhile, the US is caught in an opioid epidemic. Startups are finding healthier solutions to chronic pain. Curable CEO John Gribbin also suffered from years of lower-back pain. He found success in cognitive behavioral therapy. The solution to chronic pain may not be physical, but perception based.

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What does local food actually mean? This startup had to find out

FarmLogix CEO Linda Mallers is on a mission to make food commerce more transparent. Mallers is following the consumer-driven change in the food industry and helping distributors meet it. It was challenging to find interest in her startup at the get go, but Mallers found a way to break through.

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Make your holiday purchases go to important causes

DJ Asad is the CEO of digital-gift card platform Benefit Mobile. Asad had the challenge of heading a company he did not start. But his relationship with the founder started with good chemistry. Find out how Asad and Benefit Mobile found a way to engage users to use the platform and give back to communities.

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Will you indulge in this healthy ice cream?

U Chicago alum Jessy Gartenstein lives with celiacs disease which makes indulging in ice cream difficult. While at school, classmate Erik Nadeau shared his family’s banana-based ice cream recipe with Gartenstein. The dessert only has four ingredients, no dairy included. The recipe became so popular with friends that the duo built their dessert into a startup, Frönen, and won the University’s New Venture Challenge.

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How to sell your idea with Pearachute CEO Desiree Vargas Wrigley

Desiree Vargas Wrigley continues to build her startup Pearachute and is entering new fundraising after a recent Shark Tank appearance. Pearachute helps parents find classes to sign their kids up for. Appearing on Shark Tank wasn’t all a fairy tale, but Vargas Wrigley is a multitime founder and has lessons for any founder that’ll help them along their path.

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Ear2Ground is helping artists gain independence

Ear2Ground is ready to step out into the public spotlight after working behind the scenes to build a platform for artists to build a career. The music and media industry are being disrupted, big time. Partner Mobolaji Akintunde found an opportunity in this chaos to empower musicians to build their own platforms outside the traditional structures.

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Changing the world is viable for 18 coffees

Caleb Gardner is helping mission-based companies get a digital foothold through his consultancy. It’s a difficult landscape, but Gardner’s company, 18 Coffees knows that changing the world is no easy task. Gardner recognized that people understand the power of digital but lack the tools to utilize it. His experience on the Obama campaign prepared him to help companies build a movement. So, how should companies utilize “social good”?

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