Baltimoron Podcast: Atari’s New Console

The week after E3 is typically a slow news week. In this episode, John talks about Atari’s new video game console, some exciting eSports announcements, and why EA is literally robbing you blind.

Nick Cannon is familiar with your startup life

Actor and celebrity-entrepreneur Nick Cannon stopped into Chicago to host the Teen Mogul summit, an event that spotlights young innovators from underserved communities in Chicago. Showbiz Shelly visited the event to have a sit-down chat with the “Wild ‘N Out” star. Seems like even someone as successful as Cannon still recognizes the risks involved with being an entrepreneur.



Get a tutor online with no commitments

Wyzant wants you to learn! Sign up with a tutor online, learn whatever you want, and cancel whenever you want. No long-term commitment, only long-term knowledge. Regardless of your subject matter, Wyzant will deliver.

Natural foods Simple Mills is riding a wave

Katlin Smith went on mission to raise the bar for food ingredients, starting from her very own kitchen. She has developed crackers, cakes and cookies that are completely natural. Her company, Simple Mills, has been seeing major growth, find out how she stays balanced. Scott is joined by entertainment reporter Showbiz Shelly.

The Feed: How bad is your phone addiction?

Pew Research has some numbers that offer some insight into our phone addictions. And how is the startup world working to avoid another recession?

Fuzzy Math will warm you up to Augmented Reality

Mark Baldino and Ben Ihnchak are the co-founders of Fuzzy Math. Their works is revolutionizing the way industries produce. Augmented Reality makes work safer and more efficient. Host of “The Feed” Sean Froelich hosts the discussion about how augmented reality may change our lives.

FlashFrame is disrupting the racing market one photo at a time

FlashFrame CEO Griffin Kelly and COO Nathanael Robinson saw an opportunity in racing. They saw a business built around crowdsourcing photography from marathons and other race events. The business was a success. But they ran into a little trouble with the hosts of the event. Get an inside look into what it’s like to be a disruptor.

Start 3D crafting at any age

Inventables knows kids need to learn how to code and be tech savvy if they want any chance of getting a job in the future. Well, that might not be 100% true, but it’s at LEAST 60% true.

Wabash Lights wants to crowdsource Chicago’s public art

Want to play a hand in developing public art? Wabash lights wants to string up color changing lines of lights under the L train tracks on Wabash that can turn on and off in a rhythm by any user connected to the app. Jack Newell and Seth Unger present at the Technori Showcase in May 2017.

Baltimoron Podcast: E3 2017 Review

John Rosin “The Baltimoron” is here for his debut video game podcast. Video games are massively important tech! What did the Baltimoron think about this year’s E3 conference?