Live streaming with zero delay is, ironically, right around the corner

Or maybe it’s not ironic, still unsure how to use that word. PhenixP2P is making latency a thing of the past, so no more live stream issues for us – I mean, for you!

Hologram Lets Plants Water Themselves

Plants can water themselves? What is it, the future? Actually, no, it’s the present, but Hologram sure makes connectivity a thing of the future.

How to win the fight against internet latency

Watch in on a Chicago powerhouse of Tech minds as they discuss the future of internet speeds and how to bring flying into the digital age. Soar into the clouds with moderator Technori CEO Scott Kitun as he turns up the heat with Gogo COO John Wade, CEO Ben Forgan, Phenix P2P Stefan Birrer and Co-Founder Kurt Mackey.

Airplane Wi-Fi soars under Gogo COO John Wade’s piloting

John Wade explains the many changes in airplane Wi-Fi, and how technologies like Gogo is developing may change the customer airplane experience for the better.

Tiny robots could be the future in the fight against cancer

Rice University has created tiny robots that act like submarines, capable of drilling into targeted cancer cells and killing them. Is this the future of cancer treatment?

Building a business? You’ll want to hear these tips.

Creating a startup business but don’t know what entity to file? How do you invest your revenue? Or build your business to save towards retirement? Garrett Sutton, corporate attorney and author in the Rich Dad Advisors Series, talks with Scott about the right way to get into business and protect your assets.

Technori Live podcast with Fintech Forge

Fintech forge sees a future in Chicago tech. After the investment pits in Chicago dried up, the founders and investors at Fintech Forge saw an opportunity in building a relationship with Chicago’s startup scene.

Quality people and quality workers are VERY different

Technori CEO and Startup Showcase host Scott Kitun and LaSalle Network kick every bag on the way home with this little podcast gem; firing friends, Inc 5000 lists, movie quotes, corporate culture, and how to avoid the pitfalls of hiring shitty sales people – are just a FEW of the things to click for!


Verizon changes unlimited data plans again

Verizon is capping your streaming quality instead of data. Is unlimited data worth it without good streaming options? It’s 2017, 4G LTE has been out for years, we expect good high quality video streams on our phones. How do you justify paying more for 720p on your phone, the device you probably use the most?

It’s a full valet service for your car repairs!

We can order McDonald’s online, so why isn’t it easier to care for our cars? Oh wait, it is easier! Just use AutoMech, and you’ll be happy you did. Yet another company doing huuuuge things in Chicago 😉