Getting on TV made easy with UPshow

Adam Hirsen is mixing the old media like TV with the new, Instagram, for his business UPshow. How the marketing platform works is that it allows photo takers to share pics with the bar to be displayed on the bar’s TVs live. Showbiz Shelly joins Scott Kitun to discuss the latest celebrity-tech news.

Wait, finance can be fun?

Ken Thompson is on a mission to get startup people to care and have actual fun with financial dealings. Thompson is the founder of Level X Consulting  and helps business folk understand the drivers and basic concepts behind the money that’s moving their company.

This is why you need “bad” feedback

G2 Crowd CEO Tim Handorf recently raised $30 million in series B funding for a company he sparked during a conversation at a Cubs game. His company is a B2B system that brings your business authentic user reviews. Bad reviews can help you assess issues, limit risks, and get working in the right direction.