Take a look inside Technori Legends 2017

Technori Legends recognized the heroes who have made Chicago tech’s growing scene so special. This year, Technori’s original CEO and Founder Seth Kravitz and Capital One were both awarded for spearheading the community boom. Technori Legends recognized the movers and shakers who make Chicago tech the booming industry it is today. Thank you to Seth Kravitz, Howard…

Build312: Creating a close-knit Asian entrepreneur community in Chicago

Jessica Lian, Advisor from Build312 joined Scott Kitun in the studio to tell him about the organization’s origin and mission. She detailed the unique online and in-person events and campaigns that bring together innovative and energetic young entrepreneurs, and talked about the international perspective of Chicago’s start-up community. Hear the entire interview on wgnradio.com 

people first podcast: How to adapt to growing IOT changes

People First is the Hyde Park Angels podcast dedicated to deconstructing entrepreneurial success into actionable takeaways you can use today. Hyde Park Angels is the most active early-stage investor in Chicago with a commitment to taking a “people-first approach” to investing. By matching our members’ expertise with entrepreneurs’ needs, we help develop top-performing companies that…

Can millennials beat boomers at finance?

Author and Holberg Financial Founder Joe Holberg is demystifying financial management. On the business side, Holberg finds ways for companies to adopt financial education for their employees. On the consumer side, Holberg provides personalized financial education that allows millennials to get a head start on planning their future. This man has wisdom.