Can millennials beat boomers at finance?

Author and Holberg Financial Founder Joe Holberg is demystifying financial management. On the business side, Holberg finds ways for companies to adopt financial education for their employees. On the consumer side, Holberg provides personalized financial education that allows millennials to get a head start on planning their future. This man has wisdom.

Nick Cannon is familiar with your startup life

Actor and celebrity-entrepreneur Nick Cannon stopped into Chicago to host the Teen Mogul summit, an event that spotlights young innovators from underserved communities in Chicago. Showbiz Shelly visited the event to have a sit-down chat with the “Wild ‘N Out” star. Seems like even someone as successful as Cannon still recognizes the risks involved with…

An alternative to lower health care costs

Procured Health is finding solutions for hospitals to provide better care at a lower cost. President and Chief Strategy Officer Eric Meizlish was inspired after seeing medical products being marked up without the hospital’s knowledge. According to Meizlish, health care only changes when it has to, and “when” came after the Affordable Care Act passed.