Zero Funding & 20,000 Fliers Ascended Sittercity to the Top of Chicago’s Business Ecosystem

“There were a million babies born to Millennials last year, and that number’s growing,” says Elizabeth Harz, CEO of Sittercity. (I happen to know this firsthand). “Digital natives are used to running everything from their phones and expect a data-centric, efficient, beautiful user experience to manage their whole lives.   “There’s also a sense of…

Crowdspring gives artists a foot in the door

Crowdspring CEO Ross Kimbarovsky was tired of lackluster web design offered by expensive firms. So he democratized the industry by allowing young artists sell their work to businesses needing design services. The rest is success. Listen to this episode of Technori LIVE on WGN Radio: Crowdspring gives artists a foot in the door