This 91-Year-Old Insurance Giant Stays Young With Smart Acquisitions and Ambitious Investments

  Financial services companies are interesting. At scale, success or failure depends on how willing you are to push the boundaries. That can be through technology or hiring better people or building a culture –– or all three.   American Family Insurance does that. It’s one of the coolest insurance companies. That sounds weird, I…

Jason Kolb’s “Internet of insurance” is evolving the company/client relationship

DAIS CEO Jason Kolb joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio to talk about his mind-child, the Internet of insurance. Jason noticed the insurance market was horribly disconnected between agents and carriers, so he makes it his mission to encourage connectivity and push the space forward.   This episode is sponsored by Salesforce, Bank of America & Jones Lang LaSalle. Now you can listen to Technori on Spotify!