Technori LIVE w/ Inventables CEO Zack Kaplan

Stemming from the maker moment, Zach Kaplan founded the creative product company, Inventables. Working with kids and inspiring adults, Scott Kitun discovered that Zach’s approach is influenced by something all kids can understand, Legos. The two chatted on Technori LIVE about the path to his goal of having a 3D printer in every school in the country by the end of the decade, and…

Technori LIVE w/ Tock founder Nick Kokonis

Nick Kokonis is the co-owner of Chicago’s most talked about restaurant, Alinea. He also just opened Roister (that Nick claims has the best chicken in the city), so naturally the next step was to create some cloud software…right? Scott Kitun invited Nick into Technori LIVE to talk about his restaurant booking software called Tock, that is helping restaurants tackle the volatile industry. After making huge waves…

Technori LIVE w/ Crowdfind

Being featured on Technori as a young startup is a big win. Partnering your company with Lollapalooza that same weekend, is like winning the lottery. Scott Kitun chatted with Dan Sullivan and Benji Friedl of Crowdfind about how they are changing one of the most dated and basic systems. Without these guys, many things would be lost.

Technori LIVE w/ Tally App

The guys over at Chicago based Tally Drink App are back! Scott Kitun invited Kevin Bolger and Shawn Torres in studio to check in on them since they were guests back when Technori was Tomorrow’s Business Today. Scott, Shawn, and Kevin recapped how business has been after gaining more and more merchant partnerships and being featured on last month’s Technori event.

Technori LIVE w/ Culturized

Jason Richmond, is the founder of Culturized, and he recognized a very important turn in business early on, and now it’s one of the most important factors in a business: culture. Scott Kitun talked with Jason on Technori LIVE about the pitfalls and successes that culture plays in companies and what young pups and old dogs can take away from it. Jason also…