Experience what 24,000 of your peers already have.

Technori is emerging as one of the top startup showcases in the world and is now the third largest monthly startup event in the United States. We gather a massive group of amazing people, every month, to watch as five startups launch on-stage. Technori is designed to elevate the startup showcase to a level on-par with theater experience.

Technori also features intriguing and successful founders as keynote speakers. Matt Maloney, founder of GrubHub, talked about how being in "the Valley" will never be necessary again. Jason Fried from Basecamp talked about milkshakes. Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision, talked about surviving from the edge and back. Dag Kittlaus, creator of Apple's Siri talked about 3D printing of pizzas. Chuck Templeton, the founder of OpenTable, talked about the need for social entrepreneurship.



See why people are talking about Technori. Here are some of the latest teams to present.