What is the Startup Showcase?

The Startup Showcase is one of the largest quarterly tech events in the world, and the first ever to allow attendees to invest directly in the presenting startups for as little as $10, via Title III equity crowdfunding. Our followers call it “unicorn hunting” … but, showcase events are more about helping early stage founders raise go-to-market funds by giving them the opportunity to pitch their startup in front of thousands of would-be investors.
The Startup Showcase is also Chicago’s top tech show, where Technori CEO Scott Kitun sits down with entrepreneurs from around the world to talk shop and invest in startups live on WGN Radio!
Want to experience what more than 50,000 of your peers already have? Simply register to invest, book your tickets to our next showcase event, or listen at home by asking your smart speaker to, “Play Technori!

How does Technori Co-op work?

Technori co-op is an innovative new investment model that provides early stage companies with access to capital, support and strategic advisory, while also participating in the overall performance of the portfolio.
Our initial objective is helping you launch successfully, but the mission is to grow the value of your company year-over-year.
The process is simple and transparent. We elect a dedicated Board of Advisors based on their ability and willingness to commit support, strategic connections, time and capital. Then, we select a small batch of early stage companies that we believe our program, resources and dedicated board can help to scale.
What separates our startup co-op from more traditional accelerator programs or fund structures is that we enable all investors, elected advisors and startup companies to own a stake in the overall performance of the co-op.
It’s also important to recognize that a startup co-op is not an accelerator or incubation program with a finite end date. Unlike most traditional 12-week programs, where startups work towards a demo day, our co-op is designed to help founders throughout the life of their business.
To apply for Technori Co-op, simply fill out an application form.

Why we focus on diversity?

We welcome all kinds of entrepreneurs, but we’re encouraging more startups with diverse teams and backgrounds to Apply. Why do we have a special focus on the underserved – women, minorities, immigrants and veteran founders?
Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Equalization of the fundraising landscape will allow more talent to have a chance to build companies, creating more investment opportunities for investors. Traditional VCs notoriously don’t fund as many female founders as males, or as many Black or Latino founders as white founders. The same applies to geography: the majority of funded startups come from Silicon Valley & New York.
We believe that most hidden gems for our investors can be found beyond the places where everyone’s looking.

Who are we?

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, investors, tech builders, creators and operators whose expertise has contributed to more than $3,000,000,000 in shareholder value.

Scott Kitun
Scott Kitun


I like to write on stuff; mostly walls and napkins. entrepreneur CurbYourEnthusiast, Technori CEO, @WGNRadio host and @NorthwesternU grad.

Mike Rothman
Mike Rothman


SMS Assist founder and Chairman, Venture Capitalist, Chicago Innovation Awardee, Board member and EY Entrepreneur of the year.

Alex Rothman
Alex Rothman


Former Chief Product Officer of SMS Assist, TheronTS founder, and an investor with a passion for changing the way big business operates.

Sam Fiske

Chief of Staff

Master operator-in-training, Technori Executive Producer; startups and media junky, occasional @AP_Sports contributor, Medill alum, and an Outdoor cat.

Anne Hoffer

Co-op Advisor

For the love of learning, entreprenuer. Started espnW, the chicago office of Apple and the Chicago office of Snapchat. Passionate about media and technology.

Rachel Rowlands

Marketing Manager

Michigander living in Chicago, social media & digital strategist, college sports nut, pro books on boats, and a seriously impressive Netflix binger.

Sam Fiske
John Rosin

Content Manager

I’m responsible for anything you see on Technori that makes you laugh; gamer, creator, videophile, and a shameless promoter of Baltimore sports.

Sean Froelich
Sean Froelich


Host of technori Feed, Medillian and multimedia juggernaut, sometimes WGNRadio host; people compliment my voice a lot.

Seth Kravitz


CEO at Phlearn – Sometimes feel lost, sometimes found. Varies daily. Collector of interesting people. 3x founder with 2 exits to public cos. Introvert Writer.    

Val Chulamorkodt
Val Chulamorkodt


Recovering lawyer, writer, mother 2x, female tech founder, and supporter of all things inclusive.    

Victor Pascucci III-tean
Victor Pascucci III


VC Managing Partner lightbank, Family, cooking, fitness, venture capital, fintech, insurtech, disruptive innovation, combat sports, leadership & music.

Emile Cambry


Polymath: Founder of @BLUE1647 & CISCFF; Partner longjumpfund, married to @misskelleyohh, @Ebonymag Power 100, TheRoot Power 100

Ken Nguyen-team
Ken Nguyen


Republic founder, founding advisor of @CoinList, former General Counsel at @AngelList, @StanfordLaw Fellow and democratizer of investing.

Matthew Luzadder


Partner @KelleyDrye, legal strategist, fintech, crypto and payments aficionado, IU grad 2x, explorer of all things new, and generally pretty radio-friendly.


VP of Engineering @Fanatics. Formerly Head of Retail Innovation Tech @eBay. I love building teams that solve hard business problems with technology.