Technori is a celebration of entrepreneurship in Chicago, a celebration of those who take risks, chase their dreams, build brands, change communities, and create the culture of Chicago’s business community.

Giving real and accurate accounts of what it’s like to start a company in Chicago, detailing both the good and the bad, we are committed to profiling and celebrating the people behind the leading companies in Chicago.

And when we say celebrating entrepreneurship, we do not mean just the successes.  Technori showcases both the achievements and the breakdowns in entrepreneurial endeavors because it takes determination and courage to venture out on one’s own, regardless of the outcome.

We believe it’s essential to create a space where one can reach for the stars and succeed or reach for the stars and fail without having to face public contempt. Instead we put the scrutiny to positive use, as we push Chicago’s business culture toward one that is far more understanding of entrepreneurship’s inherent risks.

Beyond celebrating these things, we want to bring people together. Our goal with Technori is to be at the center of the discussion about where Chicago’s business community is going because now is the time to start innovating and planning for where Chicago will be in 5, 10, 25 years.

Taking a direct role in Chicago’s business future, we’ll take Technori from the digital realm to the real world by bringing people together for the express purpose of sparking new idea and creating new ventures.

And we are doing this because we believe Chicago is on the brink of a renaissance in entrepreneurship.With the Chicago tech community alone now generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue every year, we exist to expand the reach of Chicago entrepreneurs and their companies to the world at large. It is our mission to be the voice of innovation in the Chicago business community and celebrate it every day.

What will you do to help sculpt Chicago’s future? A couple of simple things you can do right now are:

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  • Tell a friend or a colleague.
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