It started out as a joke between two friends: since Instagram and Pinterest are the hottest properties out there, wouldn’t it be funny to just mash the two together? But if the friends happen to be  programming nerds, like Brandon Leonardo and Pek Pongpaet, co-founder of Tapisto that creates mobile websites for small businesses, the punchline you get is, a service that brings Instagram to the web in a very Pinterest way. Thrown together as a weekend side project in just 24 hours, Pinstagram got a lot of  love  from their friends who tried it, among them, a Chicago-based writer for the Huffington Post. Overnight, it took off like chocolate and peanut cups, with more than 2,000 likes soon after launch. Co-creator Pek Pongpaet talked with Technori’s Robbie Abed about his Instagram habits and why he’s ok with not hearing from either Instagram or Pinterest. Yet.