I’m going to show you how to land the job of your dreams, but it’s going to take some work. I am going to tell you, step-by-step, how to get connected with people who normally would be out of your league.

Trust me. This isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort. But it works. It doesn’t involve updating your resume, or applying for jobs online. This involves accepting reality and getting ahead. This involves real, unpaid work.

Before I begin, I would only recommend this advice to the people that meet the following criteria:

  1. Have the financial means to quit your  job (four to six months).
  2. Be really good at something, whether it’s programming, marketing or juggling. Something that brings in money on the side immediately.
  3. Not looking to start a company or join a startup long-term. You want the 9-5 life.

I’ve noticed some significant differences between people who are out of work involuntarily and those who have quit. They’re both unemployed and they’re both motivated to find their next gig, obviously, but other than that, essentially, they want different things:

  • Unemployed / Fired: Motivated to find their next job, whatever that job might be.
  • Quitters: Motivated to make money differently then the way they’ve been doing so far.
They also spend their time much differently:
  • Unemployed / Fired: Spend time trying to find a job that fits their current skill set.
  • Quitters: Spend time trying learning new skill sets they need to land their next big thing.

See the difference?

My advice to anyone who have the three attributes listed above would be this: Quit. Quit Now. Quit and run like your hair is on fire. It’s only after you quit that you have the guts and motivation to really go after what you want. And sometimes that’s what it takes: to let go of something to make room for something better.

Here’s the step by step quitter’s guide to landing that job of your dreams.

Step 1: QUIT.

Read this post for inspiration: Fire Me, I Beg You.  Put your two weeks in. It’s not them, it’s you. Say only nice things on your way out. Don’t give constructive criticism to HR. It’s like teaching a bear to sing: a) It never works. b) You’ll only piss off the bear.

Step 2: Create a Company. Any Company.

Pick an idea you’ve always thought about. It must be in an industry you’ve always wanted to be involved in. Create a Company Name. Update your linkedin profile with this new company name. Congratulations, You are now the founder of Widget X Company. Don’t register it as an LLC. Your company is going to fail. Save your money. Your goal is to find a secure job in a field you like, remember?

Step 3: Replace Your Existing Network.

Your current network is probably worthless to you. If they were worth anything, you would have a better job by now. Find people that are in your new field. Attend networking events.  Take coffee meetings with everyone you meet. Tell them what you are up to and what you are trying to accomplish with this new company. Add them on linkedin. Do not mention you are looking for a job. You are a quitter, not unemployed, remember?

Step 4: Coffee. Lots and Lots of Coffee.

Keep up the coffee meetings. 80 / 20 rule. Let them talk 80% of the time. Learn more about them. Learn what they are trying to accomplish. Pay it forward. Help them first all the time. Connect them with people. You are most likely talking to other quitters at this point. They need all the help they can get. They will then ask you what you can do for you. Your answer is to have them connect you with anyone in the industry your company is in. This is your way in. Keep at this, every single day. Attend. Connect. Help them get in the door at other companies.

Step 5: Pitch Your Product And Not You. Pay It Forward.

The goal is for people to hate your company, but respect you as a person and respect your skill set. If done right, you’ve found yourself in a meeting with a company you wouldn’t be in the same league with, normally. Now ask them if they’re hiring. Nope, don’t do that. Never. Don’t pitch yourself; pitch your product or service. If you’re lucky, they might use it. There’s 99% chance they won’t use your product. Ask how you can help them. Connect them with others. Send them a link to a recent blog post, or an event that they might like. Anything. Just do something that is in their interest and not yours.

Step 6: Befriend & Stalk.

Stalk the people you meet in Step 5. Ideally, these are industry leaders & executives. Stay on their radar. Befriend them. Learn more about what skill sets they desperately need. Find their job openings. Connect them with people who you think would be a fit for their openings. Re-tweet them. Comment on their blog posts.

Step 7: Figure Out What You’re REALLY Good At.

Is it the same skill that it was before you quit? What are you really really good at? Figure out what your ideal job is. What do you want to do? What is your ideal job or industry? You need to figure this out and the more conversations you have while helping others in the ways that only you’re able will put you in the right direction.

Step 8: Accept Failure. Ask For Help.

If you made it this far, this is the most important step. You must now ask your NEW network for help. The key to finding a great job is to have another successful person find it for you. This is where you go for the kill. Ask the people you met in step 5 for advice. You need their help this time. Be honest with them. Your company isn’t really working out. You want to work in the industry to learn more about it while getting paid. You need a steady job. Have no expectations, by the way, but karma has a way of responding to good deeds. You now have a community in which you can ask for help.

Those you’ve helped in the past, will help you. They like you. They like your tenacity, but they might not like your company. They may help find you a job. A job that you love. Trust me. If it’s not a position working for them, it will be for someone in their close network.

Step 9: Accept Job. Repeat Steps 4 – 7.

Whew, what a ride right? You’ve met a ton of new people in your new industry. People that you know and respect your work. You’ve reinvented yourself. Most important, you have a stable job that you love. That was the whole purpose.

Step 10: Stalk Me. I Want To Help You. Seriously.

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