If you’re having problems with getting to work after a night of drinking, stop and consider your relationship with alcohol.


Or maybe give Morning Recovery from 82 Labs a shot. The startup world is looking for a solution to everything. And solving the morning hangover is one of them. And as we know, the older you get, the longer your recovery time will be.

Morning Recovery is a bottled-drink made from Hovenia Dulcis, a Japanese raisin tree. Dihydromyricetin is an extract from the tree that helps detoxify the body. Consumers are instructed to drink the beverage before bed and promises that you’ll be rearing to go once that alarm clock rings.

Sisun Lee is the CEO and founder of Morning Recovery. Lee previously served as a product manager for Tesla, Uber and Facebook. During a trip in Korea, Lee noticed that the locals were taking supplements to combat the after-effects of alcohol. So Lee returned to the States and began testing the drink with doctors and made it FDA-compliant.

Morning Recovery has raised over $200,000 on Indiegogo.

So next time you attend that after-work social, let loose and say damn tomorrow because you’ve got a new medicine that’ll get you to that 9:30 a.m. meeting.