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We’ve all thought about making an investment at some point, especially during these past few months of Bitcoin madness. It can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing, but thankfully there are programs that exist solely to make these harrowing decisions for you. That is, if you trust them.

YCharts is a cloud-based investment decision-making platform that stands alone among the other investment advice applications out there, creating its own niche within the market.

There are your high-end applications like Bloomberg Terminal that provide you with all the data you’ll ever need, but they’re tied down to desktop terminals. Then there are your low-end applications like Yahoo! Finance that are easy to use and free, but you’ll never speak to a real person. YCharts has cemented itself right in the middle, taking high-end enterprises and connecting them with low-end investors (like me, and probably you) for a fraction of the price.

“We provide the data, the tools, and some great customer support to help people feel really comfortable in their investment decision.” – Sean Brown

Of course, if you don’t spend time with the tools that YCharts provides, and you don’t take the time to make good decisions, it’s still a huge risk using help from others. You may be able to study market trends, but unless you work together with your decision-making service, you’ll lose money. YCharts is a web-based service, so it accepts anyone with an email address and a credit card. That means anyone can make – or lose – a ton of money, even with their help.

If you’re not serious about investing, then don’t pay for the advice. Actually, if you’re not serious about investing, then bugger off. Leave all the cryptocurrency to me.