Finding work as an immigrant can be difficult. And finding work as an immigrant during the Trump administration is even more difficult. But it’s supremely unwise to leave out global applicants the next time you’re looking to hire. 

Let’s lay down some facts that will illuminate how much of a contribution immigrants have made to the tech world and beyond:

  • Immigrants had a founding role in more than half of the companies with billion-dollar valuations. Unicorn alert! The worth of those companies put together is $168 billion!
  • Immigrants accounted for 17 percent of the American workforce in 2015.
  • Immigrants make up 31 percent of the business, management, science and arts workforce.

That’s a lot of talent. With increasingly harshening immigration laws, both foreign-born talent and companies wanting to hire them are left in a precarious situation. Envoy Global is one Chicago company offering a secure way to navigate US immigration while securing visas and authorizations.

Envoy Global promotes a “world ready workforce.” CEO Dick Burke is asking that companies “don’t keep their heads in the sand” and to learn the rules. Because, as Burke noted, if the talent isn’t coming to the US, it’s going to end up elsewhere.

Having a guiding hand like Envoy to show your company how to navigate the immigration system can go a long way in relieving fear. Envoy promises that gaining visas and work authorizations can still be an easy process. Looking at the big picture, Burke noted how misguided it was for the U.S. to open the doors to international students while discouraging them continue working here.

“What is the wisdom of this country to educate [foreign-born talent] here and send them off to compete against us?” he said.

Management is key for any company needing to ensure a safe integration for international hires in the states or beyond. “Great tech isn’t enough,” Burke said, if the management isn’t there. The tough-love advice that Burke offered was for founders and managers to take a hard look in the mirror and admit what you’re “lousy” at. And once that’s done, it’s time to go out and hire someone, perhaps internationally, who can fill that gap.