Facebook is taking major hits this week. Stock and user engagement have been falling. It’s likely that Facebook will sustain itself through this rough patch since it’s in a kind of “too big to fail” situation.

But we’ve grown estranged.

The Cambridge Analytica story has sparked renewed interest in how our data is collected, used and manipulated. Facebook has shown in recent weeks that they shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to protecting our information. Therefore, we must take matters into our own hands.

Good thing security startups in Chicago are putting users in the driver’s seat. Here’s a list of Chicago startups that put you in command against both digital and physical threats.

Keeper Security Inc.

Passwords. We as a society treat them very poorly which makes them the easiest entry point for hackers. Keeper Security Inc. is an app that allows users to create and store passwords to keep your accounts safe and accessible to only those who need it. You can also save 50% by using promo code TECHNORI.

Scout Alarm

Most Americans forego a home security system. But with Scout Alarm, it couldn’t be more personalized to your needs and specific home. The app and monitor always keep you connected when you’re away. And you’ll be notified if anything suspicious happens. You can even tell your Scout how to react to different scenarios. 


For protecting data between your company and vendors, ThirdPartyTrust is the Chicagoland B2B solution. This startup automates vendor risk management in order to free up more time to keep your business running. The profiles provided by ThirdPartyTrust will show that you made security a top priority. This trust can then help streamline dealmaking.

Guard Llama

If you’re looking for a night out on the town but also want to stay protected, Guard Llama has your back. The app and fob pair offer a simple alert system that will notify local authorities to your exact GPS location when you’re in distress. It’s much faster than dialing 9-1-1 too. 


Let’s close things out with card fraud. Rippleshot processes millions of credit card transactions and then pinpoints exactly where and when fraudulent activity occurred. This data is then used to predict where future breaches may happen. Rippleshot is different in how it goes to the root, investigating merchants rather than consumers, where fraud usually originates. 

So that’s it! Chicago offers a mix of tech to fend of both old school and new school thievery. Hackers are getting increasingly proficient in fraud which means you should be looking at your local startup allies for support in stopping them cold.