It’s Saturday morning, you woke up a little bit early to take in the day and you’re enjoying the comfort of your couch. But you have to leave soon in order to tour a new office space for your budding startup, and you don’t really feel like it. If only there were some platform that would let you peruse the innards of a new office from the comfort of your home…

This is the part where I say, “Well, you’re in luck!”

Well, you’re in luck! Whip out that smartphone or laptop and you’ll be able to tour those offices without putting pants on using Truss.co‘s virtual tours. Or maybe you’re a pants-on/shirt-off kinda person. Either way, just take the damn tour! Remember when we heard about virtual reality for the first time and we thought it would make us fat and lazy? That time has come, and it’s pretty amazing. Give Truss a try next time you have a tour on your schedule.