OK! First, let me preface this by admitting that I literally do not understand how (or why) to use SnapChat… or Insta for that matter… But, I’m told by the powers that be that I really should expand my Facebook horizons!

In short (I’ll spare those of you that only skim headlines and nut grafs ?), if you’re one of the 220,000 Snappers that already own Spectacles v1, save your money – unless you’re a heavy user!

As is well reviewed by TechCrunch here: the price went up $20, and in return you get a slightly better pair of frames, HD, improved battery, water resistance, improved pairing/upload time and a less pain-in-the-ass, clumsy ops experience. But, wait there’s more…

Spectacles v2 is a nifty attempt by SnapChat to regain its “cool” factor, while also attracting people like me (that have zero interest in filtered funny faces) to the platform. And, because I think the ability to record quality video (and photos) with your people acting a fool is pretty awesome – especially when you remove the pairing/upload pains-in-my-ass barrier – it just might work!

I’m going to give these puppies a whirl, and I’ll tell you why!

  1. I’m a believer in the value of unique content – and while produced videos and filters can be fun and unique – nothing, NOTHING… tops catching hilarity live in color!
  2. The convenience of tapping the frame to capture a fun photo, firing out a short clip burying a ? putt, or capturing something regrettable while not looking like a complete tool is appealing enough to shell out the equivalent of a fancy dinner.
  3. They’re not Ellison’s, but they’re not UNATTRACTIVE shades – meaning, I would be willing to be made fun of for wearing them!
  4. The capabilities are enough of a differentiator for me to actually give SnapChat a legitimate try

As for my feelings on SnapChat’s strategy; I disagree with the above referenced TechCrunch article. At first glance, writing off 100,000 units and $40,000,000 is almost as mind-blowing as doubling down on virtually the same product. But, if you step back for a second and look at the value of being the only substantial player in a multibillion dollar vertical (Apple Watch, anyone?), there’s some serious value in learning how to effectively deliever what users want and need before new entrants come calling (or poaching…Facebook/Insta).

The real question is whether that value is worth the $100,000,000 investment…

Additionally, attracting an entirely new user base (me) to your platform by building tools that allow me to experience your vision in a new way is smart!

I don’t care about pictures of people that added a fairy dust filter, but I do enjoy seeing my friends fall out of a golf cart!

Speaking of Facebook, can you see their Oculus VR tech adding the dimensional experience that truly makes head wearables the real deal? We’ll see. Regardless, to find out a Spectacles v2-like wearable must come first… so, there you go!

And, as a Snap investor, I’m probably not overly thrilled about Spectacles 2.0 given how poorly the marketing, sales strategy and product launch went the first go around; but given my losses and where Snap is sitting compared to Insta Insta… I’m game to see if Evan and friends can make a better go of it this time!

Whatever, if it fails again maybe they can just sell the IP to Ello ?