When our beloved Basenji dog Bouré needed surgery, my wife and I spent an inSANE amount of money to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Surgeries, check-ups, medicine, babysitting, home care… If you can think of it, I spent hundreds of dollars on it. But don’t worry – I gladly would’ve paid more! Shoot, I would sell Technori if it meant keeping Bouré around a few more years (don’t tell our team that…).

We’d do anything for our pets, so why wouldn’t we make sure they have the best care and the best protection? Because we usually don’t want to pay “an inSANE amount of money.” And can you blame us? It even costs a lot of money to euthanize our pets peacefully, a cost many people forfeit simply because they can’t afford it. Figo Pet Insurance is not only accessible at all times through their cloud-based platform, it’s also affordable.

CEO of Figo Rusty Sproat is another ex-real estate guy (just like me!), so there must be something about real estate that makes people want to quit immediately and start their own business. Maybe the housing crisis had something to do with it, but I’m not so sure…