Now week six of the #ChiWellnessChallenge, the crew is closing in on their wellness goals. TastyTrade’s Co-CEO Kristi Ross and TeaSquares

Jordan Buckner, CEO, TeaSquares

founder Jordan Buckner join Scott and challenge creator Pete Wilkins to discus what they are doing to better themselves, whether it’s focus, eating, exercise, weight loss or sleep.

Pete Wilkins, Managing Director of Hyde Park Angels, created the challenge after reflecting on the toll that stress from his career was having on his physical and mental wellness. “I believe that, in order for an entrepreneur to do their best work, they need to ensure that they’re ready and able to perform,” Wilkins wrote. “To prove it, I created The Chicago Wellness Challenge to challenge folks to make their wellness a priority.”

For Buckner, it’s about creating daily “to-do” lists that help him focus on his routine. “I have a separate one for personal life and work and then build those into my actual calendar,” Buckner said. “It’s a system of going through that and then being intentional about everything that I choose to add or say no to, uh, to put throughout my day.”

Ross takes the challenge as an opportunity to find a better balance in her daily routine, which has resulted in far better sleep and focus.

Kristi Ross, Co-CEO, TastyTrade (Sam Fiske/Technori)

“I need to just make sure I’m fitting a little bit in every day. You know, I’m not trading huge everyday. I’m trading small every day, right?” Ross said. “I’m not, I might not be working out big every day just on a couple of those days, but I’m still fitting in that core aspect of fitness in some way, shape or form.”

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