Episode NO.256

Legendary golf pro joins the podcast. The laser focus required of a professional athlete doesn’t leave room for a plan B. But when golfer David Feherty retired in 1997, he found success in multiple new careers. After David put down his clubs, he picked up a microphone and returned to the green as an on-course reporter for CBS. His professional experience, sharp humor and Irish charm made him a hit with golf fans.

Off camera, he’s written five non-fiction books and a column for Golf magazine called Sidespin. In 2011, David launched the post-golf project he’s probably best known for: his self-titled interview show “Feherty” on the Golf Channel.

The show debuted as the most-watched original series in the channel’s history and David was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Personality in 2014. He’s interviewed players and famous fans including Jack Nicklaus, Rory McIlroy and Matthew McConaughey. But he’s still modest about his abilities