Episode NO.288

Tyla-Simone Crayton, the 16-year-old founder of Sienna Sauce came up with her delicious formula while her mom was hosting Wine and Wings.

After the initial taste test stunned the room, Tyla-Simone recreated the sauce with better ingredients that cut out the excessive sugar and sodium than your regular bottle of ketchup or other condiment, and launched the company.

Now, Sienna Sauce is in 60+ stores and is actively crowdfunding on Republic. Tyla-Simone joins the show to talk with Scott about building the company from the ground up. Then, Tyla-Simone talks about her experience as a black founder, the anxieties that come with funding and her powerful response to how the business world needs to come together in this moment to support black lives and give equal opportunity to minority founders. It’s important to believe in the movement and if investors feels differently, they need to get out of the way.


Sienna Sauce is raising now on Republic