Episode NO.290

Author of SCALING YOUR EVEREST. The cult of entrepreneurship has taken on many ideals and practices over the years, some that are more toxic than others. The commercialization of networking events, “struggle porn”, idolizing a handful of successful tech founders are a handful of examples that have fueled an unhealthy relationship with our work and our lives.

What’s important to recognize, for both Erik Severinghaus and Scott, is that entrepreneurship does not need to be all-consuming or struggle for the sake of struggling. Work-life balance is important, and by putting energy into things besides work tasks and making contacts, your journey will be more honest and more successful.

“If we don’t get a handle on some of these voices that drive us, then it doesn’t matter how much we succeed,” Erik says. “Because that voice just keeps driving you harder and keeps being more negative. And there’s never actually that fulfillment at the end of the rainbow that you think is going to be there.”

Listen to Erik detail experiences from his own business failures and coming to terms with what it really means to be an entrepreneur.