Episode NO.291

Co-founder and CTO of Swan Bitcoin joins the show to talk about his journey into the world of cryptocurrency. The former CTO Of Reverb.com (which sold to Etsy for $275 million July 2019), he decided to leave the job in 2018 to focus on fully on the transformational power of Bitcoin and cutting through the noise in the cryptocurrency space.

His company, Swan Bitcoin, helps users make repeat purchases of Bitcoin straight from your bank account, similar to Acorns and other savings apps. Swan Bitcoin also educates its users on how Bitcoin works and why it’s important to not get distracted by other cryptocurrencies that have great ideas, but rely on the foundation and valuation of Bitcoin in the first place.

Yan has also written a short book called Inventing Bitcoin that comes at a high-school reading level to tell the story of Bitcoin and how it has the power to change our relationship with money and each other as a society for the better.

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