Episode NO.296

CEO of Stackin’. Scott Grimes set out with a simple mission to help people better understand their finances and how to save and invest. Participating in the financial systems we have is one of the easiest ways to understand how money is made, and too often most young folks (and older) go through school and life without knowing the first thing about managing money or investing.

Stackin’ changes that with a subtle solution: providing tips, advice and curated tools for better financial well-being and habits via text messaging. The more you interact with the messages, the more personalized the advice becomes and better investments are recommended for your money and preferences.

He joins Scott on the pod to talk about his best ways to use money, why young users should probably avoid jumping right into day trading and how his consumer media background (founded Uproxx) helped him create Stackin’ with his cofounder Kyle Arbaugh.