Episode NO.299

CEO and Co-Founder of Paro. Michael Burdick joined the workforce like many a bright-eyed bushy tail millennial looking to build his career and develop his passions. Instead, he found himself locked into a job that made him feel like another cog in the machine – undervalued, lack of growth opportunity and underutilizing his skill set.

It was this stalling in career growth that led Michael to pursue side work while he developed his company, Paro. Paro is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners alike focus more time on the aspects of the business they care about by offering a network of remote, high-quality financial professionals including CFOs, accountants and bookkeepers, among other roles to take care of critical business functions while you focus on the company’s vision.

Michael and Scott talk about the hyper-charged effects of remote work and online project-based marketplaces on the economy. They also dig into the importance of giving people a way to monetize themselves, focusing on what they’re great at and not spend time screwing around on stuff you’re not the best at.