Episode NO.306

CEO of M1 Finance. Ever since being introduced to a brokerage as a kid by his parents, Brian Barnes loved the idea of investing. The concept of putting your money to work for you, making a high conviction bet on a company producing something in a complicated marketplace and watching it grow got him hooked.

But it wasn’t until he was out of college that he realized the trading/investing platforms hadn’t changed much since he was 10-11 years old. So he decided to create a finance app that would benefit the modern needs for experienced investors like himself to beginners jumping into finance for the first time. M1 essentially combines a lot of the aspects of managing your personal finances or your money into “personal finance super app” that gives you choice and control on how you invest, borrow and spend your funds.

Brian joins the show to share with Scott how they are pushing financial literacy forward with their easy to use platform, their recent $33 million Series B round and breaking down where you should park your money to create long term wealth.