Episode NO.314

Founder of Narrative Advantage. Bryce Conlan and Scott share something of a kindred spirit, cleverly termed the “unemployable”. That’s not to say anyone is actually unemployable, but there’s a certain type of a person that naturally gravitates towards new ideas, better ways to perform a service and work independently to do so that doesn’t always jive with a corporate structures. Namely, this is their definition of an entrepreneur.

Scott and Bryce talk about the lifelong pursuit of true entrepreneurship that allows you to building something from nothing with others in the service of others.

Bryce and Scott also bond over their passion for storytelling – Bryce was running a bespoke video production business for companies before the pandemic slammed projects to a halt and has taken his time to creating Narrative Advantage, his company focused on helping companies understand their story and the ability to gain the ideal customer for long-term success.