Episode NO.317

CEO of Podia. Lockdowns, shrinking economy, closed gyms and offices have left people to get creative on maintaining their core business or building a new one altogether. It’s part of the reason individuals, small businesses and “solopreneurs” are flocking to Podia, a platform provides a digital storefront to maintain memberships, online courses and transactions.

In its own way, Podia is stabilizing the idea of the gig worker by removing barriers to entry to build your own revenue stream without the help of a larger company.

Founder and CEO Spencer Fry joins the show to talk about how Podia’s growth has exploded – up from 5% month over month to 20% – since the pandemic started, how its subscription model differentiates itself from Patreon and how he wants to create a space for entrepreneurs to have sustainable careers, not just one-time gigs.