Episode NO.322

Buying a home is one of the most symbolic ways we have to establishing the “American Dream”. However, the process by which we buy and sell via listings, real estate agents and brokers is too often a struggle and leaving you with less money than you deserve.

Danyal Ali has found a way to make real estate transacting equitable for all with his platform AnyCurb. AnyCurb helps home buyers find homes that are both on and off the market, while helping home sellers appraise their homes, list them online (for free), identify the right time to sell and get at least market rate for their homes. Danyal initially came up with the idea while watching his father struggle to sell their family home over the course of four years with no luck.

Danyal joins the show to share how he identified the hole in the market, how his data-heavy background set him on his current path and why AnyCurb isn’t aiming so much to disrupt the real estate industry as much as bring it together. AnyCurb currently is operating in Naperville, with plans to expand to more cities and states.