Episode NO.329

Email is not a new thing, but what’s really changed since Gmail launched in 2004? Not much, says HEY Email founder and CEO Jason Fried. Instead we’ve seen basically the same variations of email products ever since, but with more and more stuff that doesn’t mix well together. Ads, newsletters, personal and business emails blending together, not to mention the addition of pixel tracking and general lack of privacy.

HEY strips back email into a better organized, clean and simple interface to help you manage your email better. Get an email from someone (or some company) you don’t want to hear from? HEY lets you say no once and never worry about them again. Newsletter are categorized into The Feed which gives you a seamless scrolling experience, transactions in the Paper Trail and important emails stay in the Imbox. All while blocking unwanted trackers.

Jason joins the show to talk with Scott about launching HEY for business,  the future of email, why it’s gotten mucked up and why bringing privacy back into our lives is a correction long overdue.