Episode NO.340

Pop-up ads and auto-play videos have been inundating our feeds and web scrolls for over a decade, with no end in sight. That’s why we’ve seen tremendous growth in ad blockers – over 2 billion use an ad blocker of some kind. This is poised to become an existential crisis for marketers that rely on digital ads that are no longer being seen.

This is the problem 1World Online aims to fix. 1World’s tools use smarter ads that appear natively on sites as surveys and polls that increases engagement – in some cases as much as 10x what a normal ad would.

1World Online founder and CEO Alex Fedosseev joins Scott on the show to talk about the state of digital advertising, why no one wants to see old practices like pop-up ads and auto-play videos, and how the vast array of tools the 1World platform offers for users.

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