Episode NO.363

When gyms big and small closed down over the past year, most people are confined to continuing their exercise routines with body weight workouts and name-your-stationary-bike routines. But finding a place that resembled anything like the gym experience, gear and all? Almost impossible to find.

This sparked and an idea for Jake Goldstein, a Chicago-local entrepreneur saw an opportunity to get people back in the gym with modern equipment, privacy, cleanliness and even personal training – all within a shipping container.

His company BOLD builds out shipping containers with all the gear, amenities like Wi-Fi and screens that you can hook up to have a personal trainer engage with you during your workout remotely. Based in Chicago for now, these containers are portable and can be placed in new locations as needed.

Jake comes on the show to talk about how BOLD is working, making money without costly big box gym membership fees and condensing the gym experience to modern demands.