Episode NO.373

If you live your life on Twitter or pay attention to any social media platform for long, you’re bound to see more than a few people saying they’re starting a podcast! A couple weeks go by, their episodes start out hot but immediately dwindle and within 60 days they are out of the podcast game altogether without saying a word to anyone.

Podcasting is a lot of work, and Austin Petersmith’s Racket is here to ease that war of attrition when it comes to audio content. Racket is an audio-only platform designed to cut the fat on pod conversations with a 9-minute timer and steer you to quick episodes that are fun and get done quickly. Scott compares what Racket could do to audio what Tik Tok did for video.

Austin shares how he got the audiophile bug, his inspiration for creating Racket, how the content/media landscape is changing, its many usecases (anyone want shorter team meetings?) and how essential audio is to our lives. Still in beta, Technori followers can get early access by DMing us anywhere @technori.