Episode NO.384

Matt Fairhurst, co-founder and CEO of Skedulo, joins the show with host Scott Kitun. Skedulo is a project management and productivity platform that is geared towards the majority of the workforce (up to 80% globally according to Skedulo) that doesn’t work behind a desk. Matt talks about how they started with four clients in four different industries that needed better management on their core physical tasks, and how that bloomed into whole business offering productivity solutions for companies worldwide.

Fresh off a $75 million Series C led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, Matt talks about their growth in Europe and the US, how they integrate with other platforms and what’s next for Skedulo.

They also banter about changes to the workforce since the start of the pandemic, the heightened appreciation for digital transformation across industries running on analog and how Skedulo played a role in scaling up COVID-19 testing.