Episode NO.389

Brian Morrissey, former President/EIC of Digiday and current writer of the media business Substack The Rebooting, joins the show with Scott Kitun. They get into it all things media and the business of media, and how this period of upheaval with the pandemic is a chance to get things right and inspired The Rebooting name.

Brian talks about changes that should happen – both in media companies and companies in general – and much of it has to do with accepting less control over employees (i.e. work from home and other benefits).

They talk about how being so much more online helps people learn to identify scams, how different generations view work and how we can fix problems in the US that have broad agreement without falling into tribal arguments.

Scott and Brian chat about how crypto could play an important role in addressing media business models and a litany of life topics: running, bachelor parties, looking back at the last three decades, serial killers in the 80s and more!