Episode NO.390

Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad and author of the new book “The Minimalist Entrepreneur” joins the show with Scott Kitun. Scott and Sahil share their passion for the changes coming to investing such as equity crowdfunding and retail investor movement.

Sahil earlier this year raised $5 million in one of the fastest filled rounds ever on Republic, and plans to open up future crowdfunding rounds when needed. Gumroad is a digital marketplace where users can sell memberships, courses, books and other services and is built on the idea that creators can control their own business infrastructure by building an audience and using an internet connection.

Sahil talks about the long journey for Gumroad, why investing is increasingly liquid, and how crowdfunding as a tool will need continued support and development from the private sector (entrepreneurs, platforms) and incremental modifications in policy from the government.

Scott and Sahil also talk about his book (released Oct 26th) and how his experiences, beliefs and conviction that entrepreneurs need less than they think they do to get started and laying out simple steps for founders to build their businesses.