Episode NO.391

Tony Sheffler known for his trading expertise and founder of employee happiness and retention company HappyWork, joins the show with Scott Kitun. Tony and Scott kick off the pod with an all-encompassing conversation on #thehobby, what the differences are between PSA, SGC and why SGC is in such a good position to really shine in the market.

They talk about Fanatics entry into the world of trading cards, why they aren’t going anywhere and seeing what they have to do to get Alt or Fanatics to sponsor the show. In the second half, Tony dives into employee retention and how he and his cofounder evolved the idea of the company over time to reach workers better with a messaging program.

Scott and Tony go back and forth on why survey-based assessments of employee happiness only shows you what’s happened in the past and usually doesn’t show what employees are concerned about in real-time before they leave the company. HappyWork is a tool that can be used to increase employee reach and engagement, awareness of work benefits, and more.