Episode NO.392

David Cheng, Principal at DCM Ventures, joins the pod with Scott Kitun. The role of VC isn’t the same as your father’s, or even your grandfather’s VC anymore. No longer is venture capital only about getting a check once and being hands off otherwise. As we’ve started to see with a16z and rolling funds, DCM’s methodology is to play a hands on role with founders in clear, specific niches to grow an idea into a full grown business.


David and Scott talk about the changes in VC and why there is an increased expectation on a firm and its associates to earn a board seat by playing an active role in the company, providing resources, strategy almost like a fellow co-founder.


David shares his experiences working with companies (primarily in fintech and health tech), how the future of investing is starting to turn into full incubation, “pre-idea” stage by essentially recruiting entrepreneurs to start companies and build businesses from the ground up. Scott and David also dive into emerging tech, role of crypto, where to start with web3 and more.