Episode NO.393

Anthony Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Vinovest, a wine investing platform, joins the show with Scott Kitun. The age of retail investing and collecting is upon us and never before have so many people been able to invest in everything from baseball cards to NFTs. Why not fine wines? Anthony answers resoundingly how a long-time collector’s item – wine – is a natural fit as an alternate asset in anyone’s portfolio.

In a thoughtful conversation, Anthony and Scott walk through the appeal for wine as an asset class and how Vinovest acts as your marketplace, portfolio, education center and wine cellar. Anthony also shares his journey as a repeat founder and how he googled “what do rich people invest in” when he first started to personally invest and eventually that started spurred the idea for Vinovest.

Anthony and Scott also talk about the similarities to buying/storing cards like Alt. Anthony recommends what wines anyone should start with and how to on the platform based on when you want the best ROI. You can follow Anthony on his Twitter for wine info and advice.