Episode NO.395

Will Glaser, founder and CEO of Grabango, joins the show with Scott Kitun. Prior to founding Grabango, a check-out free technology for grocery stores and convenience stores, was the co-founder of Pandora, one of the pioneers in digital music streaming.

As the son of a college professor and a psychoanalyst, Will has had a lifelong tug of war between the left and right side of his brain. He attributes this tug of war to his main interest starting companies at the intersection of technology, consumer impact and business. Will talks about how focusing on this trifecta gives him a business model blueprint for developing startups, how it links Pandora and Grabango and solving consumer pain points.

Scott and Will share their thoughts on best hiring practices and why founders should be prepared to step aside (eventually) from their companies in order to sustain its development. Will also dives into Grabango’s shopping experience, how it compares to Amazon Go and why checkout-free technology is poised to take over mainstream brick and mortar shopping experiences.