Episode NO.402

Sam Rosen, co-founder and CEO of Deskpass, joins the pod with Scott Kitun. Every year, even every few months we start seeing the “when are we going back to the office?” trend on the timelines and wonder if this will be the time the legions of white collar workers return to an office-centered lifestyle. Do people want to be back in office full time or not?

Turns out as the statistics, cultural desire and the Great Resignation have shown, the future is hybrid models. Sam and Scott have an excellent conversation cutting through the fog of return to office myths, and why employers are best suited meeting their teams where they live.

They dig into how hub and spoke leasing models work and where commercial real estate continues to play a role in the new normal. Sammy also shares how companies like Moderna are using his company Deskpass as a remote solution. Deskpass provides on-demand leasing, which allows employees to reserve office space when and as they need it.