Episode NO.404

Doug Ludlow, co-founder and CEO of MainStreet, joins the show with Scott Kitun. The greatest need for any startup is almost always a combination of time and money, often more money to buy more time. MainStreet aims to help solve the problem by working with startups to save on operating costs across the board.

From tax credits to specialized discounts, MainStreet gathers all the opportunities a startup can take advantage of that can save possibly several hundred thousand dollars (or more) per year. Doug talks to Scott about supporting founders and why something like MainStreet is a no-brainer for companies at the early stage.

Doug walks through how his years as an entrepreneur and time at Google -where he met his cofounders- set him on the trail to helping more startups get off the ground. Scott and Doug chat about increasing runway, freeing up money to make key hires and make more startups that fail become successful businesses.