Episode NO.415

Cody Barbo, founder and CEO of Trust & Will, comes back on the show with Scott Kitun. Cody catches up with Scott after three years of growing the Trust & Will business from a seed round CF raise on Republic to a $15 million Series B and recent venture round led by UBS.

They talk about the journey Trust & Will has been on, how Cody first got the idea after trying to work through finances with his wife and identifying a very clear need for simple, easy to set up estate plans and wills. Scott and Cody lament on the state of fundraising and its challenges.

They dig into the different type of rounds Trust & Will has endured, the highs and lows of their equity crowdfunding campaign, why venture is still best suited for later rounds and touching on the evolving mindset of the retail investor. If you’re looking for a follow, check out Cody Barbo on LinkedIn.