Taylor Lorenz on Being Extremely Online in an Internet World 00:0028:56

Scott Kitun sits down with acclaimed journalist and author Taylor Lorenz to set the record straight regarding internet history, the premise of her book, “Extremely Online,” (available now). She discusses the evolving landscape of the tech world, the importance of strong social safety nets, the impact of AI on content creation, and Lorenz’s thoughts on various social platforms.

Key Highlights:

The impact of social media on fame and celebrity. (2:51)
The fundamental issues creators face including the challenges of accessing healthcare and unions’ potential role (and over-reliance) in addressing these concerns. (3:12)
The evolution of influencer culture and the impact of social media platforms. (7:50)
Creator unions and collective bargaining in the digital media industry. (15:19)
The discussion shifts to the influence of AI, with Scott highlighting how it might disrupt the middle class and alter traditional career paths. (20:41)
Taylor provides a balanced view on AI’s potential, noting that while there are concerns, AI also offers various creative tools. She also mentions using ChatGPT and its current limitations are not scary. (22:18)
Scott dives into the human element in content creation, emphasizing that human-driven competition and creativity remain irreplaceable. (24:14)
The conversation concludes with Lorenz’s thoughts on the best platforms to follow her work, her move away from Twitter (X) for tech commentary. (27:54)